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This is primarily for iconmakers who use PNGs.

Photoshop is bad at optimizing PNGs. Trust me when I say this.

OptiPNG - it's a free optimization tool that losslessly compresses the size of PNG files. It's main downfall is that it's techy (command line based and on Macs, you have to compile the source code yourself). Otherwise, it can take up to 30% off your filesizes, which would help with bandwidth problems and download times.

1. At the top of the OptiPNG page, download the Windows executable version.

2. Unzip it to it's own folder.

3. Move the .exe file to the folder with the files you want optimized. It's not really required, but it makes the command line stuff much easier.

4. Open the DOS prompt. For XP, open Run..., and type in "cmd.exe" to bring up the DOS prompt.

5. In the prompt, type in "cd the\path\to\the\folder\with\your\files".

6. Type in "optipng.exe nameoffile.png". If you didn't move the .exe file, you might have to type in "optipng.exe C:\path\to\folder\namoffile.png".

7. It should output something that looks like this:

"OptiPNG 0.4.5: Advanced PNG opimizer.
Copyright (C) 2001-2004 Comin Truta

**Processing nameoffile.png
Input file size = 6763 bytes
Input IDAT size = 6449 bytes
zc = 9 zm = 8 zs = 0 f = 0 IDAT size = 4983
zc = 9 zm = 8 zs = 1 f = 0 IDAT size = 5841

The best prarmeters are:
zc = 9 zm = 8 zs = 0 f = 0 IDAT size = 4983

New file size = 5297 bytes (1466 bytes reduction)
New IDAT size = 4983 bytes (1466 bytes = 22.73% reduction)"

8. Your original file should now be optimized.

I'll try to figure out the best way to compile the source code for Macs later.

Comments, questions, suggestions, screaming cries for help are all welcome.
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